Made a diesel storage tank


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Aug 9, 2016
Cascade Foothills above Eagle Creek, Oregon 🇺🇸
With diesel prices climbing I really wanted to get a diesel storage tank at my house. I had a service call at work with a customer that had a well pump system turning on and off, AKA- rapid cycling. Upon arrival i find the tank is waterlogged, no air for the well pump to compress so there’s no drawdown in the tank. It’s on then off and on then off while water is being used. I get my compressor and start adding air and drain the water when the water. The customer asked if there’s a tank that doesn’t need to have air added so often. I told him about a diaphragm tank. He told me to replace the tank. I go get the new tank and remove the steel tank. He asks me if I wanted to take it. The tank was only a couple years old so I said sure. As I was driving home it hit me… I had my diesel 80 gallon storage tank. I set to work cutting old galvanized pipe at work and welding it together. I know, welding galvanized can be very dangerous. I made the stand and get the tank mocked up.

Once I got the tank mocked up I took it home.
I dug holes for the legs and concrete them in. I decided to flush the iron and debris from inside the tank. The tank is an epoxy lined steel tank. It still had some orange iron staining inside after flushing. At work we have Boresaver which dissolves iron in wells. I decided to mix up a solution of Boresaver and allow it to treat the tank for a day. I drained the tank and flushed it out.

After flushing with water I used my Stihl blower and blew air through the tank with all the plus removed in the tank. This tank was rather nice as it had 2” NPT connections on the top and bottom when the tank is situated vertical. I was able to get a rag and tape to a pipe and swab the remaining moisture.

Started plumbing the supply line with ball valve and goldenrod fuel water separator filter and hose with nozzle.


Filled tank with some diesel fuel tonight and flushed the system. Super stoked to have 80 gallons of diesel. Bought some Diesel STABIL fuel stabilizer to add to the tank to protect against water and algae. At work we recently bought a 75 gallon diesel pack tank which will be nice for filling my storage tank.
Sep 21, 2009
Tulsa, Okla
Nice work as soon as I get back to Oklahoma I need to get a 200-300 gallon tank.


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Sep 20, 2003
Nice to have gravity work for you. Legs not too wobbly when full?

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