Low RPM transmission stutter - towing

Sep 10, 2017
Plano, TX
Towed a uhaul 12x6 uhaul trailer loaded with about 1750 pounds of cargo. Ran from Dallas to Springfield MO. About 400 Miles. Truck ran fine and I used ETC Power for the tow to tighten up the TC. I noticed in the latter part of the trip that if I gave it the throttle it needed for a quick climb up the RPMs to the next gear change all was fine. Freeway cruising and kick downs worked perfect too.

What I noticed is that gradual rpm increases in 1st and 2nd (in Normal or ETC) would produce a shutter until it would: change gears or more gas was given to overcome the hanging engine speed. No slipping of the clutch packs.

So I am left wondering if there is a issue with the TC? It got worse toward the end of the trip but I did notice it once or twice before then. ATF was changed at 137k and another oil change and ATF change is due at 145k. I’m at 143k now.

I am going to check the color of the ATF in the morning for color. It was night when I checked so I couldn’t tell. ATF doesn’t seem cooked or burnt on initial smell.

It’s a ‘99LC

Any guidance here?
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