Looking at fridges- front door?

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Mar 3, 2010
So I was looking into fridges thinking I would have to have one sent over from the abroad- and it turns out that Engel is made here in Japan. SO not only are they available they are cheaper by a bit. They also offer a front opening unit that is less attrtctive design wise but it seems like having the shelving as well as being able to get to the food with stuff still piled on top of the fridge seems like a good idea.

So I wanted to hear about how packing these top loaders is in terms of organizing etc. Ultimately the shelveing means that less stuff will fit but easy access. So if you have hints on good ways to organize I'd love to hear about it.

Also do you generally keep the fridge in the car or do you take it out when you set up camp? Do you find yourself having to move stuff off the top all the time to get it open?

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Cold air sinks and warm air rises. When you open the lid on a "top door" refrigerator the cold air stays inside. With a front door option the cold air will spill out and be repalced by warmer ambient air that will then have to be cooled. So for efficiency the top door model is a better design, although loading can be more difficult.
I have two small cheap stackable plastic baskets that I use to easily access food stuffs, takes up about a third of the space in my 45L unit... Beers, drinks and tall stuff take up the other 2/3, and then I can lift the baskets out with the food stuffs in them, typically sandwich meat, etc..
does the door at least have a latch to keep it from popping open?
seems like a front door would lead to more problems accessing stuff deep inside than a top door (as in removing everything to get to what you need)
Would stuff all bounce up against the door and fall out when you opened it?
If you want front opening----Waeco/dometic makes front opening fridges taht are like drawers and act like a top open---but slide out like a drawer with a front door......so similar to top open.

They are about 1cu foot each---so two of em side by side would make for a great rear platform in an 80......while keeping fridge tucked out of way with no need for slides etc. Easy accessibility.

They are fairly stout and the beauty of these is that the compressor piece can be mounted away from the boxes to hide out of way and keep space well organized.

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