Long trailer towing experience

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Sep 6, 2010
I have a 2002 LC... I bought a 6.5x18' trailer with 2 axles, that are either 3500 or 4000lbs each.
I'm used to pulling a 6.5x12' single axle trailer.
My question is from your experiences, will pulling the longer trailer be harder on the truck and will it be noticeably harder to drive.
It wont be heavily loaded...
I recently bought a hay baler and a cultivator and I had a dream of towing them, one at a time , the 300 miles between the farm that I bougt them from to my own. But at 3500 to 4000lbs each... I figured it would be hard on the truck and getting the cultivator on the trailer would be hard... cause we dont have anything that can lift it straight up.
Now I just plan on moving furniture and mulch and other garden variety stuff. Occasionally it will make the trip to the farm.
So...any thoughts on whether it will be hard on the truck?
I pulled a 19’ dual axle camper trailer from Denver to San Diego with our 2002 Sequoia. Apart from dismal fuel economy it did the job just fine. Family of 4 and all of their stuff for 10 days. I’ll guess your rig will be fine.
longer trailer wont matter as long as its within the trucks tow limit. Longer should be more stable in my experience, and longer is definitely easier to back
Balance your load where the trailer is taking the weight , just be sure you have some tongue weight and preferably trailer brakes. Shouldn’t be a issue
Longer trailers are easier to tow and easier to reverse.

Just pulled my old beater back to where we are moving again soon. I've towed trailers over 5k lbs with my 2000 multiple times, one move over 1000 miles. I think the biggest issue/gripe people have is they see the hitch/max trailering weight, but then expect it to pull it like a 1 ton diesel truck, realistic expectations and understanding how the truck handles the extra weight.

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