Lift Advice...Again...(Sorry!)

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Aug 3, 2014
I know this has been talked about so much but the more I research the more i get confused. I have gone from wanting TJM to Iron man to now the Fox 2.0s with OME coils. My question is though if I wanted to get a 3 inch lift, what OME coils would be best? There are so many different ones I can't figure out what would be best for a medium duty rig that will just have rock sliders this year and probably a front bumper next year.

Whats best and wheres the best place to get it?

Thank you
Also this rig will also be a daily driver with being on the road 80% of the time and off the road 20% if I am lucky
I run OME 850/860 with Fox 2.0.
850/860 historically should be a 2.5" lift.
Thanks for your response.
How much lift did you get and how built is your rig.

What Nugget said...your rig will look similar to this (just not as awesome) :flipoff2:
What are you going to use the rig for?

Expedition? You will add 1500lbs + =comp springs w/ OME shocks/custom shocks

Rock/light exploring? J springs with bilstiens or fox/ pro comps
Lets get this over with...
by the time this thread is finished mud members generally will recommend as follows:
OME 850, 850J, 851, 860, 861, 862, 863, 864, TJM 50mm, Ironman something, Terrain Tamer, Icon, Slinky etc...
& at the end most are more confused then when the started.

I recommend a dual rate coil no matter what brand you choose.
Don't get dual rate confused with progressive, there is a difference.
OME, Slinky & Icon offer dual rate options.
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