Left over cable

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May 29, 2007
no.california S.F.O BAY AREA (EAST BAY)
I just finished rebuilding one of our fleet winch a Ramsey 12k and install new cable, I have about 85 feet of left over after I cut off the bad part, no rust or kinks and I could just put some end loops on it and use it as a back up or extension. Any other ideas what else I could do to it?
^^^ A really short zip line.:hillbilly:
I'm in the same spot - visually old steel rope looks good, not sure how great it is though.

I'm thinking about taking it over to our local logging supply shop & having it made into a log choker with a bell end - something I can drag logs around the yard with a clevis on the rear bumper, or pulling small trees out of the ground & not leaving a stump.

General yardwork, essentially.
I kept the original steel cable from my Superwinch EP9.0 after replacing it with syn rope. It had never been used so that was a no brainer. After one outting where we had to join three recover straps to a 90' long winch line to get someone unstuck in the snow, I added some wire rope grips to mine and bring it along on all trail runs. Used it one time after that, so it can come in handy.

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