Led light bars

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Sep 3, 2017
i have 3 up front already, 2 small ones on the sides of my front bumper(30* from strait forward) and one 30” strait out front, all 3 are single row, so notbthe biggest/brightest.

I recently bought a prinsu rack with a cutout for a 40” bar. Wondering what I should go with.

40” single row to match my existing

Run a double stack 40” for a lot more light

Cut the wind deflector and run a single or double 50”. Yes I can cut it just like they have, not sure why they don’t offer a 50” cut, but I have 51” exactly between the rails, several ways to mount any of them.

For starters, I won’t run a high end unit, my ride parks outside and I have worrying about expensive stuff growing legs that are reasonably easy to steal and sell. Chinese junk for me! If it breaks, gets stolen or starts to fade or crap out, toss it and buy more junk. I’ve ran one for 2 years, soldit to s buddy and he’s ran it for 2 years. Always parked outside and still flawless(surprisingly).
I don't have any, but have been attending some off-road shows, and it appears LEDs increase off-road cred. The cred level is proportional to the number of lights, more is better, so something like this would be a good start?:hillbilly:

I saw a Decepticon the other day as well with a great array of LEDs and traditional round lights.


To keep this tech, I really like the look of the Baja designs single row bars. I know they have similar ones that are on Alibaba. That would maybe help keep wind noise down and be a less obvious bar compared to a double row.

Note the amber Baja designs bar

And the knock off. I doubt it is as good, but it can't be awful. I've been running a cheap 40" double row for nearly 4 years now on my roof rack and all I did was add a little more waterproofing to it and it's still like new.

^^^ Not sure why, that 1st pic always amuses me.

I'll toss out Heise as a reasonable equilibrium between $$$ & quality.

I've bought 2 bars off the 'bay - 1/2 of MSRP, not flashy but not pure junktastic. :meh:
Lockers before lightbars?
There is a trade off for having way more light that you can drive for. Especially when they are on your roof. It fills in the shadows on the trail surface so the driver cant see the holes. Then it becomes obvious that the suspension needs to be upgraded! The guy ahead of you on the trail really likes it too.

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