For Sale late '81 LHD BJ46 (82 model year by US standards) - Boulder, CO

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United States
Hi There,
We are getting ready to sell a few trucks. Been struggling to actually pull the trigger & list them, so we're going to throw up some quick, short ads to get the ball rolling & fill in more details & such later.

LHD OEM Soft Top model late 81 build date BJ46 (originally a French truck). Perfectly working PTO winch, Power Steering, 24volt/4 speed model. 16" splits, soft amby door model. Perfect condition, newly recovered front seats (Cruiser Corp covers). Current selling price doesn't include a soft top (the one in the pics is for a different truck actually), but we're working on the pattern for it & will either add a top & raise the price if it gets done in time, or make a deal on a new premium Colorado top to the new owner if they want a Teq Tops soft top for it. Odometer works perfectly, but the speedo just kind of wallows around. We're told that the cable needs to be greased, but haven't confirmed that yet. 3b, with batteries around a year old, new fuel & oil filters, etc... fun truck, Its got some rust & some amateur patches as well as some Bondo in the corners we think, but oddly solid despite that for some reason. Not just a falling apart body type of thing, if that makes sense. If we were to keep it, we'd just drive it & enjoy it, while adding some of the fun add-ons to it, and some day to a rear tub swap. But I personally don't see a need to do that any time soon, unless you just want a really nice, high end looking truck....

It has greaseable shackles, and maybe a lift, but we're not sure. It has a really loud turbo muffler, & would be more pleasant with a new, quieter one I believe. We'll add info as we think of it. Legally imported, Colorado title in our name, etc.... It would be best if potential buyers could ultimately see it in person, but we know how that goes sometimes.

Erica & Abe

$16,500 as it is now.
Front Drivers corner.jpg
front drivers side.jpg
front passenger corner.jpg
rear drivers corner.jpg
rear passenger corner.jpg
More pics

front bumper & shackles.jpg
rear sprign & shackle.jpg
inside drivers floor patch.jpg
rear passenger fender.jpg
Rear drivers fender.jpg
Last extra pics for now

Seats - passenger.jpg
Sorry. Just reread 4speed in the listing. Can you give prices for top options??? Assuming the bows/frame for the soft top is included with the truck..

yeah, like you already saw, it is a four speed. We actually think it is faster off the line than BVTarouca, not because it is in better shape, so much as it weighs less than a hard top troopy. And yes, the OEM soft top bows & soft amby doors go with the truck, Regardless of what top ends up on it. Top wise, we were planning on a tan 5 window (two on either side flap & the two small corner windows) with the soft ambulance doors making up the last two windows. Having not explicitly costed it out yet, we think our cost on the top will be roughly $1,400 give or take. We were planning on just selling the top to the buyer at cost, if they want ours, other than a Trollhole or Colombian top.
Sorry, took a bunch of pics & then got too busy to load them. It will take a bit to get them all up here, but here is a start. Frame & crossmembers, etc... are all really solid. Body has a lot of rust & patches (more than we knew really until we climbed around under it a bunch). Like mentioned above, you can drive it as is for as long as you like, but it would take some real skills to actually save the tub I think. A proper resto would include a new tub from the cowl back (3/4 tub I think they are called). If someone wanted to import a tub down the road, we'd be happy to help them with that!

driver rear door.jpg
driver rear door.jpg
driver's inside front of quarter panel.jpg
driver's mid frame.jpg
driver's rear bed.jpg
driver rear door.jpg
driver's inside front of quarter panel.jpg
driver's mid frame.jpg
driver's rear bed.jpg
driver's rear corner.jpg
driver's rear frame 2.jpg
driver's rear frame.jpg
engine 1.jpg
engine 2.jpg
gas tank & cross member.jpg
gast tank & drive shaft.jpg
hood rust 2.jpg
hood rust.jpg
inside drivers interior.jpg
inside driver's quarter panel.jpg
inside rear doors.jpg
pasenger rear doors.jpg
passenger front fender.jpg
passenger front frame.jpg
passenger quarter panel.jpg
passenger rear fender.jpg
passenger rear floor.jpg
passenger rear frame.jpg
passenger under door 2.jpg
passenger under door.jpg
rear crossmembers.jpg
rear sil 2.jpg
rear sill.jpg
under driver's dash.jpg
This truck is sold & with the new owner!

with top 2.jpg
with top.jpg
With top 5 - OKC.jpg

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