Keep Slant Lifts

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Jul 28, 2007
I've been running around on this Keep Slant lift kit from Japan for several months now and thought I'd give my take on them despite not being all that common. They have an excellent design for grease able shackles and are almost semi parabolic with what looks like teflon spacers between the leafs. They ride very well, come with full military style wraps, have decent articulation and carry quite a load. The stance is very level with a reasonable lift. I'm impressed and wouldn't hesitate to pick up a set if they were more available in North America.
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I've heard the same about yours. Are you done yet?
Cool, I think I have keep slant shackles.

Any ideas on where i can find the zeal website that has the leaf springs on there?
Their web domain has expired. I would think they are in the process of setting up an new one.
I scrapped mine, The Keep Slant shackles were straight up and down . It had lots of lift , but didnt articulate without jarring my kidneys. I wish I could have kept it , but it didnt work right.

So In came the Zeal lift with OME anti inversion shackles.

Nice Cruiser!
I’ve been running the coils on my 80 since it arrived from japan, and I don’t want to get rid of them now. Haven’t sagged an inch

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