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May 2, 2004
Jackson, MS
I visited one of your meetings some years ago when I had a '97 locked FZJ80, but I sold it shortly thereafter. I've been driving bone-stock LX470's since then, and I never felt like that really qualified to be a part of what you guys mostly do. (I know, it's a Cruiser, in all respects, but I'm definitely talking mall material here) In any event, I've been wanting to get back into something that I could feel comfortable using in areas other than just grass or gravel roads, so I recently acquired a locked '95 FZJ80. I've started adding some items to it (ARB front bumper, Smittybilt 10K winch, 305/70-16 mud terrains, etc.) Coincidentally, I ran into Bodean a week or so ago, and he suggested I join this group.....so I did. He mentioned to me that, from time to time, y'all have wrenching days, and I'd like to get in on one or more of those. I bought a level stance lift from Man-a-Fre, but I really don't have the tools or the right place to install it ........bottom line: if you folks have set times that you wrench on things, I'd like to join in. Likewise, if I could provide the adult beverages and/or some compensation to help me install this piece of the puzzle, I'm prepared to do either/both.

Either way, I look forward to seeing you at the Cherokee in a couple of weeks. David
Welcome David. Glad you joined us here on Mud. Please come join us at a meeting soon. You mentioned that you still get the e-mails so we expect to see you! Go ahead an put our ride in Hot Springs on the calendar. Oct 9-11 2009. You would have a blast! Keep a watch on this forum for any wrenching days or just let us know when you want to do your lift. We'll be glad to help.

Installing a lift on an 80 series is the easiest lift to install.

I would be glad to help you out on a day I am wrenching on mine up in Canton.

I may be installing my OME lift next Saturday if all of my parts come in, if so, you are welcome to put your 80 in my other bay and use my stuff.

It is about a 2hr job...the hardest thing is the rear shocks. The tops are hell to get to to unbolt them.
I bought a level stance lift from Man-a-Fre,

What size? 4/3" or 3/2"

I love how MAF makes this out like it is something they thought of....we have been ordering OME heavy/medium combos for years or J/Heavy.

I have never installed J springs myself, I don't know if my easy method will work with the longer springs. I am pretty sure it will.
Welcome David ! Just let me know! i am all about wrenching! I do prefer upgrades to repairs any day of the week. I put the J springs (heavy duty) Old Man Emu (OME) springs on my 97 FZJ80. with this lift i am running 36x15.50R16 Mickey Thompson ATZ tires. 315/75R16 are perfect for this lift. very easy lift to put on. just have to get it up hiigh enough off the ground to replace old springs with old ones. FYI your old springs can be used to lift the rear of coil sprung 4runners. A good place to start if you want to sell em.

Wngrog do you have a car lift?
No, on 80's I do one wheel at a time. I jack it up, remove the tire, then unbolt the shock and use a bottle jack to crank the wheel down far enough to remove the old spring and add the new one.

Very, very easy method.
Name the time and date and I'll show up and help.

Welcome. Good times ahead.
Name the time and date and I'll show up and help.

Welcome. Good times ahead.

Saturday at my farm is looking good, I think my shocks will be in, but even if they are not, I am going to start the suspension swap.

I will be out there are 9:00 am. If you want help with the 80 suspension, come on up and I can show you how to do it. Anyone else that wants to come up, bring it and your fishing rod.
which Saturday?
Dang......can't make it.
Watch that tree in Grogans driveway! It's the one with the white paint on it.
Wish I could make it. Got stupid ass drill! Can't wait till the job market turns around.

I feel as though I should make it up there for a 60 OME installation. I love wrenching and wish I had done the work on my 62! Is there any decent light wheeling or camping up there near Canton? Looks like about 200 miles from the Coast.

Oh and Welcome!
There is no wheeling in MS, you know that! You are welcome to camp at my farm on my back lake. I am going out with my wife on Sat night so I won't be able to visit, but if you come up you can stay.
Sorry I haven't checked this site in a few days.....thanks for all of the offers for assistance! This Saturday actually looks pretty good for me....can I provide the "refreshments" or is 9 am too early?

I'll check in later in the week to see if the wrenching day is still a go. Thanks again! David
Wish i could make it. but this saturday is our annual crawfish boil. Yall get hungry come on over. It is at my business partner house. pm me for the address.

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