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Mar 6, 2010
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What: Q3 Club Camping Trip to Gold Lake with Toyotally Awesome Cruisers - RSVP on our club website.
: Friday July 16, 2021 @7AM for Caravan
Trailboss: TBD
Where: Little Gold Lake, CA
Meet Up: 7AM Caravan Friday Morning at Chevron Verdi, 2100 Boomtown Garson Road, Verdi, NV 89439
Travel Time: 1.5 Hours via Hwy 89
What to Bring: 2M HAM radio, camping gear, recovery gear, food/drink for 3 nights. It gets cold in the mountains, so bring cold weather gear too. Camera. Fishing gear, swimming gear. No showers, possibly toilets (currently out of service). I'd BYO wipes/showers, and porta potty and be prepared to pack out your solid waste.
Frequencies: 146.460 alt 146.052
RSVP on our Website!
Gold Lakes is picturesque! There are tons of trails for all skill levels as well hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, etc. Come enjoy the great outdoors! Here's some details on the region if you want to learn more. You are welcome to meet us at camp if you'd rather not caravan. @hairy_apple may go up on Thursday to try and snag a campsite and I may join him as well. If we cannot get the one near Little Gold lake, then we will fallback to the OHV camping area.

If you plan to make a campfire (uncontrolled open flame), then you will need to get a campfire permit.

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Mar 10, 2006
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I highly suspect we'll have fire restrictions in effect by then unfortunately. I have a propane campfire we can use, not quite the same, but better then sitting around a flashlight. lol

If you have never been to the Lakes Basin, it's amazing. The Sierra Buttes are quite possibly the most beautiful place I have been in California. I would take them over Yosemite honestly. Gold lake OHV and Little Gold lake camp sites are awesome. The OHV camp site is right on Gold lake, but the trail runs right through them, not a lot of privacy. Little Gold lake is just off the main trail, you can walk to Gold lake, and it's a much nicer spot to camp, although much smaller. I will try to get up Thursday and claim the little Gold lake sites, but if not, we'll take some of the OHV sites and they are amazing too.

We will base camp at Gold lake, and can go on runs to the different areas. Snake lake/Oakland Pond is rock crawling. There are some rough dirt roads with some minor obstacles. And a lot of scenic dirt roads. A little of whatever you want to do. We'll for sure have to visit the old fire lookout. Google pictures of Sierra Buttes fire lookout, it's likely the most well known on in CA, and for good reason. It's absolutely insane up there. It's sitting on a 400 foot cliff below. Incredible views all around.

I will attach some photos tonight when I get home, but this area is amazing. This will be a very fun trip. There are dozens of little lakes, tons of hiking, fishing, wheeling, ohv routes, mountain biking, etc here. Lots of cool mineing relics in the area too.

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