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Sep 20, 2014
Victoria BC
Hey guys,
There is a Japanese Car Show happening in Victoria on Sunday June 26th at Caboro Bay Park
There is pre registery this Friday at 9pm I was told at the Tim Hortons near uptown
Otherwise I think you can show up and enter in the spot
All the info is facebook related but I can relay updates for anyone without FB if they are interested

All Japanese Show and Shine 2016

Starts at 9am

Could be a good time, some fun in the sun, looking at some sweet trucks and vintage cars!

I registered 4 trucks last night so already better! Bj42, bj60, 1stgen 4runner and a 2ndgen pickup
Reminder if you are interested in this, pre registration is tonight at the timmies by uptown
$10 entry

Tim Hortons
3501 Ravine Way
Registration is closed but you can show up the day of the event and pay $20. They said you would be guaranteed and spot

I'll be there!
Sounds like fun I think I will bring my 40. Save me a spot as I don't want to get stuck between a Honda civic and a 240Z
How many rigs are coming and what time is everyone arriving?
I have 4 in my group Including me. To get a spot next to someone you'll have to arrive with them...I asked them already and they didn't want to have people saving spots. I guess it's easier to line up as they come. Hellbent40 is coming too as Far as I Know.
Not sure yet. Starts at 9 so could meet around 8 or so somewhere nearby? Uvic or something
There is a big parking lot in front of UVIC Centennial stadium that would be a good meet up spot 8.15 to 8.30 how does that sound???
Sounds good, first right and first left before the ring road?
gates open at 8, expect to be there until 3
Gate opens at 9am and cars can enter til 11am show starts at 11am
For those that like to sleep in like Franken60 maybe we should meet a little later?
Any thoughts??
hmm? im good to meet at 8 or shortly after! better to be early!

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