Introducing Rusty '73 FJ40

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May 10, 2019
Howdy y'all! I'd like to introduce Rusty to all you find folks. I've been lurking on this forum for quite a while and when this guy popped up locally I had to check it out. Low and behold I was mesmerized when I laid my eyes on him and had to bring him home with me. The seller was a super nice guy and had done a good amount of work to the engine before it was put into storage for almost two years. I felt terrible because this cruiser seemed like family to the seller and the seller's daughter was in tears seeing Rusty go. I really hope I can do them justice and bring him back to a good order.


Now onto what needs to be done. An issue that I can't figure out yet is with the clutch. I can't tell if the clutch master and slave cylinders are shot or if it's the clutch itself. It would get into gear when it first started (started right up after sitting for almost 2 years..) and move along fine. However after a while it would be very hard to get out of gear/change gear/get going. I also had the clutch pedal fully pressed while in first gear and it want to go forward. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Another issue is securing the hard top. I can't get the windshield frame to line up with the hard top, I don't know how exactly it's supposed to sit. (Hence the strap to keep it attached for it's trip home). There is rust as per usual, have a welder so guess it's going to be fun learning for this project. Pretty sure this guy has been painted many times, so I'll have to go through some layers to find more rust. Any recommendations for a rust converter or product to stop/ slow down it's process? I am sure I will find more things to work on. Thank you all! I'll be sure to post more pictures when its light out.
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I assume this is a destroyed body mount, what's the best way to replace/fix while not taking the whole tub off? looks like the metal is completely crumbled...

Glad to see this is finally off Craigslist! I’ve been watching it since the day it popped up. Good find and good luck!!
Also I just bought my 40 and the seller said it needed a clutch. But I replaced the slave and the master and that fixed the issue. I would start there and see if that does it before pulling the trans
It would only go into gear with the engine off, clutch pedal would just go to the floor. Does your clutch pedal have some tension on it when pumping it?
Maybe a little tension, very hard to get into gear/change gears. If in first with the pedal pushed down all the way it will still move.
Maybe a little tension, very hard to get into gear/change gears. If in first with the pedal pushed down all the way it will still move.
Have you tried bleeding the slave cylinder? From sitting for so long it might have gotten are in the system.
Would it just be better to replace both master and slave?

Not yet.

Check to see if they are working first, then if you must replace them replace them together.
Check the drivers side foot well to see if the master is leaking at the diaphragm. I’m not sure if the slave will leak due to the design of it. I would try giving it a quick bleed.
Is the brake fluid clear or black?

Like @Austinlejenkins stated, give it a quick bleed to check for any air trapped in the lines.

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