Installing Front Bezel Emblem

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May 25, 2017
New Hampshire
i just ordered an oem Toyota emblem for my 79 fj40. In the back of the emblem are 3 holes. Does anyone know how I can attach this to the grille? Are there pins that go into the back of these holes? Thanks!
Holes on my ‘65 are threaded (just two holes though).
pretty sure my 1980 has a solid plate welded to the grill mesh - the plate has 3 holes in it. The TOYOTA emblem has 3 prongs that go through the holes. Attach with those annoying little metal emblem nuts.
plastic emblem, the plastic prongs are not threaded, the metal nuts that go on are self threading. Something like this, although I think the ones from Toyota were square? Can't remember for sure though.

@gcrump01 Good memory!


NUT SPRING - TOYOTA (90183-06007)

Looks like the nuts are still available, $1.64 list at your local Toyota Dealer.

But if @Spenny has three holes in his new emblem, I wonder if there was a design change or something else going on. :hmm:
My guess is that he has the wrong emblem. I ordered mine new from Toyota - part number 75321-90301- also still available. I also want to think the nuts you mentioned above actually come with the emblem, but not 100% sure. I think I have some left over because I ordered the nuts separately no knowing they were included.

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