Installationof Goose-Gear Stealth Sleep PLatform

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Dec 3, 2017
Baltimore, MD
My Goose-Gear Stealth Sleep Platform and drawers have finally showed up at my localish dealer soI'm trying to prep for next weekends install. We had the GG plate system and drawers on our LC200 so i know at least for the LC you have to remove the cargo area cvarpeting to bolt in the GG platform which the drawers then bolt to. I'm assuming I'll also need to remove the carpet in the rear storage area of the GX for the rear platform to bolt in but what i don't know is if any of the carpeting normally underneaththe 2nd row seats needs to be removed to bolt in the 2nd row seat delete plate system part of the GG platform. Anyone know before i rip out more than i need to?

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