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Apr 14, 2006
Central Cali
I Thought these were 1977, i got these from the po, i have these in the for sale section and someone came by and said these were not 77 ? any idea's he seem to thing earlier than 75 ? he also said 77 had the recessed door handle not paddle handles like these,,, i am at a loss and i know you all are 40 wizard's ..;)

Thanks in advance ...

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Repost the pictures - the links don't work
Those are definitely early doors 74 and earlier..

Now I'm glad I didn't make the drive.. without seeing better pics..


They'll go to someone the price is still good!
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yzftaco said:
Those are definitely early doors 74 and earlier.


I still can't see them, but I'll trust you. Metal military-looking insides=1974 and earlier. '75 and later have a more car-like vinyl door panel and they're very thick; about 3".
DSC00715 (Small).JPG

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try again
DSC00715 (Small).JPG
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Hi All:

Definitely pre-1975 hard doors.


They look like the doors on my '69. They are not from a '77.

Yes they are still early style doors 68-74 I have owned a few fj40's and they are the basic flat panel doors ,no door inserts. Go for about $100 each and they should move . Shown below a 77 late model door Note no wing windows.
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