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I'm sorry, which piece of that is actually made by Toyota?

Jay Leno seemed more taken with the Corvette engine than anything else...
Everyone knows Leno has a need for speed. More so what he has is an urge to own what no one else can. I feel this is the ONLY reason he has an icon FJ44.

Not sure if that makes him a douchebag or if I'm just jealous.

Sure would be nice to see an icon without a Chevy.
Leno is a know nothing douche with more money than sense. (he admitted that once while buying a Dousenberg from some old lady's garage). None the less I'm jealous.
I talked to Johnathon many many years ago, when he was only into cruisers, I think he went with american axles and drive train after trying to work out a deal with toyota with no luck..:popcorn:
The icon guy says in the interview he'd rather a Toyota engine, but the Chevy engine was a heck of a lot easier to get
Icon guy should have talked to Toyota Australia and got a hold of the twin turbo V8 diesel they have over there. 1VD-FTV I think it is... 260hp, 479lb/ft...


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