I need suspension advice

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Dec 31, 2012
Hey guys,

So I moved away from MS to the hill country of Texas. It's pretty spectacular, but my "driveway" is an 8 mile caliche / bedrock road. And it kind of sucks - our county has about 4000 residences and that little dirt road gets love once a year. Anyway I've still got the original OEM suspension on my FZJ80 and was wondering what you guys would suggest to help. I take that road 4 times a week and the 8 miles usually takes up to 25 minutes, but I've dropped it down to 12 minutes when I'm by myself. I'd think a softer suspension would be better, but am not really familiar with suspensions. I wouldn't mind raising it an inch or two and going with a slightly larger tire, but anyway. What do you guys think - my back hurts just thinking about the ride in to town tomorrow.

Tuan La
Ironman Foam Cell Pro suspension.

Many of us have them on multiple Cruiser generations and all sing its praises.

Just my $0.02
Tuan, John Saucier here, glad tall made it safe. Im with Andrew. Iron Man Foam cells.
I'm just going to comfort right now - we went down to one vehicle for the move because the road would have destroyed our Sienna. When I get my wife her Sequoia however I do intend to invest a little in the cruiser. I'm probably taking it to Big Bend in a month though as is! Can Chris get them cheaper than Metal Tech?

I usually keep a butt-load of tools & some spare parts in the back (because we are near nothing - actually there is a beef jerky and gas station about 30 minutes away because those are obviously the Texas essentials) and 4 kids - so what weight/strength coils would you say for a 1.5" to 2" lift?

Its been less than two months, but I really miss good catfish.
Seeing you are not local just order direct from MetalTech.

He can do full 2.5" just tell him you not loaded and try not to get the heavy springs that seem to come with the 100 and 200 kits. They make the truck sit crazy ass high without bumpers.
OME meduiums front and rear for springs should net you the lift your looking for. Whatever springs you use, good shocks are the key. The FC pros seem to get excellent reviews. I have some FOX IFPs and ICON 2.0s on a couple of trucks. The IFPs don't have many miles on them so can't offer much on them yet, but I have some miles on the 2.0s and they are solid we far.

I'm not sure what others might offer, but for me the most noticable thing is that having a good shock is what kills the mush factor. Speed bumps used to be an up and over and the a little boat rocking on the other side, now it's a bump, up and down and that's it. No more mush.

Staying low will also keep the caster animal at bay and out of your pocket too.

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