Hydro assist ID

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Sep 9, 2020
Yakima, WA

I recently bought an 80 series that has been chopped and caged and turned in to a buggy. I’m new to the forum and new to land cruisers but not new to wheeling.

As I’ve been going over the rig I noticed 2 brass plugs in the steering box. Do these look like ports for hydro assist? Based on the write ups I have found the one on the top looks right but I haven’t seen the other port in that location. If these are for assist, which port is which direction? I’ll be mounting the ram on the tierod behind the axle.
Definitely hydro assist ports. The one on the back of the sector shaft is a unique spot to tap, but it goes into the same cavity as the "normal" spot up front, so same effect.

The port on top will provide pressure when turning right.
Thanks I Lean, that’s what I was hoping. I have a cylinder on order, I’ll update this post after it is installed.

Here’s pics of the truck.

I try not to think too much, so I figure you have a 50/50 shot at plumbing the lines right. I left my cylinder mounted on one side, loose on the other, then tried it one way and if it is backwards, reverse the lines.

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