How many bananas to replace the Antenne??

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Jul 19, 2006
Pismo, Ca.
I broke the Antenne off the other day. The re-tracktable part is down inside, and the motor is fine.

So has anyone done this yet??? :eek:
I bought one last month for around $40 I think. I haven't replaced yet, but need to soon as mine is bent. Give Cdan a call.
remove the top nut, run the antennae up or turn the radio on. Insert the new antennae in(make sure the teeth face the right direction). Run the antennae down or turn radio off. It will take several times before it completely retracts. Re-install top nut. Be sure to wrap a rag around top nut before putting wrench on it. I think that is the correct sequence...if I remember correctly.
This would be a great time to remove the antenna and relocate it so you can put that Safari snorkel kit on...... :D wanting mine to break so i have an excuse to put the whip one on and get the kit. Except theres only one problem, i never use the radio so it never goes up....only sirius/ipod
Remove completely, add snorkel and sirius.
Thanks for the responses guys. It doesn't sound too tuff, I thought It would much more difficult. I'm with you on the XM, I have it on my 62 and love it. I'm tempted to abandon the antenne and just go with Xm. But then I'd miss Micheal Savage on the the ride home after work..

The Snorkel is a little way off. Sliders first then front bumper, etc...
Actually, I never turn my radio on, either. I listen to enough mindless drivel all day long at work.
If I listen to anything in the cruiser, it is usually a CD...... I don't have an ipod with 230000000 songs like some. Sirius satellite radio is in the plan here too.

Has anyone relocated their radio antenna to the drivers side for the snorkel install?? I am thinking of doing that.
Has anyone relocated their radio antenna to the drivers side for the snorkel install?? I am thinking of doing that.

This post in this thread says that you can keep the power antenna. Man-A-Fre did the install and apparently they have found a way to keep the power antenna in it's original place :)
There are other threads on this topic in the forum you can find by searching.

As long as the plastic toothed drive strip is still intact, it's a simple job as described above. 1 banana for you, and maybe one for a helper to catch the antenna so it doesn't scratch your paint when you expel it. Take off castle nut, put radio on, hold the antenna up button on your dash (looks like a martini glass icon) to make sure it is ALL THE WAY up. When the motor has pushed the plastic strip out as far as it will go, you give the pastic strip a good yank straight up and it should release from the motor.

Then get the new antenna mast and insert the toothed plastic strip down into the hole, teeth facing same way as the one you just yanked out. Push the strip down firmly till you feel the motor gear grab the end. Then have your helper turn OFF the radio, while you are prepared to quickly feed the plastic strip and mast back into the hole as the motor winds it down. Put the castle nut back on and try a few on/off sequences of the radio to make sure it resets correctly.

If the strip has broken off down inside the motor, you will have to take off the plastic right wheel lining to get at the motor. It's inside the fender cavity, and cannot be accesses from inside the vehicle. Removing the right front wheel makes it a little easier to work, but is not necessary.

Unbolt/unclip/remove/unbag the motor and put it on a benchtop. Dissassemble and get the broken strip out. Put motor back together (without the antenna), reinstall motor into the fender cavity. Then insert the new strip/mast as mentioned above. Still only a 1 banana job, but maybe an additional half banana if you tear your wheel liner, don't have extra fasteners to reattach it, get grease from antenna motor all over your kitchen table.....
ZJ2UZJ100, Thanks for the detailed explaination. This will be a project in the near future, as the CD's are getting old. Guy
Thanks everyone - replaced mine on Sat...

Not long ago, the antenna on my 2000 stopped retracting. It stopped moving at all. So for the last couple of months, I've been pushing it down when I'd run through the wash, and then pull it back up when I was done.

About 3 weeks ago, I forgot to put it down.

** SNAP **


So I jammed the busted mast into the hole, and I've been driving around with a half-tenna.

This is the first vehicle I've owned in probably 25 years. I've been leasing all my trucks since just after high school - so I retired the tools and stopped doing my own auto repairs when I finally kicked my POS Fiat to the curb and leased my first Toyota pick up.

Recently finding this forum and lurking for a bit has re-ignited a spark in me I thought was long extinguished. I decided to re-enter my self repair with a small, but vexing issue: Fixing my antenna.

With the information in this forum:

  • I learned that if I can hear the motor running when I turn on and off the radio, there will be no need to replace the whole thing... just "the mast" (huge relief there...)

  • I learned that a "mast" isn't just the metal antenna, as I always thought it was. In pictures, it always looked like a metal collapsible tube with a wire. Who knew the wire was a drive gear??!!??!!

  • I found a cheap source for a mast. (AntennasRus or something like that) Mast showed up in about 4 days for about $35. Can't beat that.

  • I learned that I didn't need to remove the tire. I just got under there, popped off the wheel well lining and was able to extract the broken coil o' drive gear from the power antenna box.

  • I learned that I needed to align the teeth the correct way - so I had wifie turn on and of the radio while I spun the drive gear 90 degrees at a time. By the third try, it sucked it in like a piece of spaghetti into a hungry kid's mouth.
This whole process took about 30 minutes.

I've never had a vehicle with a retracting antenna, let alone ever repaired one. I've seen lots of Power Antenna on the shelves, but I had no idea how they worked.

This forum provided the knowledge and the resources, then emboldened me with the courage to tackle this one-banana job with confidence.

In a forum where people regularly rebuild their entire drive trains, it was so great to find something this simple, and be able to do it myself.

But, you've created a monstah. You should see the list I've got going now... :hmm:

Thanks everyone.


Do we infer from your "monstah" reference that you are from "Bahston"?

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