Hood (bonnet) Hinge Pin Question

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May 5, 2010
g'day punters.

got an old 40 with broken bonnet hinge pins. they are the earlier 'mirror' type and i am trying to resurrect them. want to know if the 'fixed' side of the hinge is threaded or just a press fit??

lot more info and pics in latest posts my thread 'look what i found' over on the 'fj25 owners group' mud page.

20150305_172059.JPG 20150306_000544.JPG

any input appreciated. thanks.
As far as I know they are pressed in. All the early hinges I have none have any head you could used to remove the unthreaded it. Problem with if you tried and press them out all you do is mushroom the shaft inside hinge.
They work just fine. Only reason not to use them is if your trying to keep it original.
thanks for the comments all.

will try and drill these when i get a chance. any ideas whether the pin is 'stepped' or a slightly different sized hole in the cast piece?

yea im an original geek. thats why i hang out in the 25 page ;)
I could be just crazy wrong on this because I did not save the records, but when Downey was in business we sold a replacement pin kit for the FJ40 hood hinges. As I recall the pin was a McMaster Carr quick release pin #98404A265 (5/16" by 2 1/2" long), and it included two nylon washers per pin, McMaster Carr #92150A129. Again, I may be way off!!!!!
Went to the McMaster website to jog my memory, 5/16" is about as close to 8mm as you can get in an SAE size. Does that P/N look about right to you Mr. Eddy???
No, we were able to get some pins that just had a flattened end (like a small washer made onto the end), but I did not see any of those in McMaster's catalog now. McMaster has some pins with a push button handle that would also look righteous, but they are $$$$$$.
Jim you rock.. we were looking at rebushing two sets and bouncing ideas ..

thank you again for contributing your never ending knowledge..

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