SOLD Hodgepodge FJ45, New Mexico

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United States
Like the title says this is a hodgepodge of left over parts that I had a thought to build a bobbed soft top FJ45 with. I am keeping my other 45, so this project is no longer for me.

The rolling chassis is a LWB 1965 FJ45. I have a clean title for it. The frame has surface rust but is in solid shape. The rear cross-member is rough.

The original drive train is gone. It is pictured with a Chevy 350 drivetrain that I decided to sell separately. I have f155 drivetrain I could add if the buyer is interested. I am offering it now without a drivetrain.

The cowl and floor section are from a 62 FJ40 and were separated previously. I bolted them back together just to mock this up.

The windshield frame is from an early 40 and has been modified to fit a early 70s wiper motor set up. I have the vent flap and control parts for it, they are included.

The hood and bib are from a 76 to later fj40

The fenders are from a 62 fj40 and the aprons are from an early 40.

I sold the doors separate they are no longer available.

This thing is a big project for someone that wants to do something different on a 45 chassis. It is bolted together with just a few bolts to mock it up to show what is there. I have some small pieces that go with it as well, radiator mount, light bezels, and I will see what else I have.

Asking 3900. Price reduced to $3600 Located in NM.





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This is the chassis before the body parts went on.





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Saved for future pictures if needed.
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I would be interested in keeping the windshield frame to reduce the price if anyone is thinking about this.
I Sold the Chevy drivetrain, so I lowered the price to 3900. I have a f155 drivetrain available if the buyer is interested.
I saw that bus. I think if you removed a few rows of seats it would fit in that bus with plenty of room left.
I Sold the doors pictures on the rig, so they are no longer included. Price drop to $3600
I would separate and sell the rolling chassis without the body parts for 2200.
Dennis, Can you call me about the rolling chassis. Asking for a friend. I will PM you my number.

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