Hey guys

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Jul 7, 2012
hi everyone
i love forums about car i own so here i am :p
im not new to the car scene, only the 4wd scene.
i actually work for holden as a career, you American blokes might know it as GM over there.
anyway, i recently bought my first 80 series, let me tell you, best car i will ever own.
the fj's go awesome, any Toyota motor for that matter.
I bought this bad boy for towing my boat but he has now become so much more.
the reason i found these forums was i was on the hunt for a front axle rebuild kit, yep, my knuckles are stuffed :p
well not the knuckles but the seals, the RH side is pissing out.
i found a good kit for a nice price so im going to grab it. im excited to begin :)

anyway, here is a courtesy pic for you guys
im sure ill be around here alot asking questions about random things id like to know about my cruiser.
thanks for reading :)

Hello Alex

Welcome :flipoff2: ( official "mud salute " )

Nice truck .
Rebuild seal kits for the front ends are available readily over in Aus aftermarket (Trail Tamer is one I think ) with the seals and bearing all together for the whole front end (where do you think ours come from here in the US)
Or you can go OEM but you need to order parts each piece (no kit) there are lists here on mud you can search for that has all the toyota part #s of you want to go that route

Good luck with your new toy
haha yeah sorry forgot to mention i was down under. Victoria, actually, sorry for the cruddy picture, more to come as i start my repairs :)

just though id share this with you guys TOYOTA LANDCRUISER FJ80 FRONT AXLE COMBO KIT-ALL MODELS | eBay
ill be getting that, easier that going to Toyota and ordering bit by bit even though i have the part numbers.

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