Hessair swamp cooler review

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Mar 10, 2004
Scottsdale Arizona
Was overly impressed when I saw the larger model of the Hessair at a friends. I took a chance on the smaller more user friendly model.

One of the best features of the Hessair 37A is that it oscillates giving you coverage of a large area.
Comes with 4 casters to move in any direction and did not require locking the wheels to stay put on high speed.
Large holding water tank with level gauge or can be feed with a hose, float inside.
2 speed water pump
USB plug on top
Rough size 37x24x15

Good day for a test 108°+ in the shade:eek: Output dry and cool at 83° :cool:Nice when working in its air flow path.
I am considering building a 18" base to raise the level of air that would better suited when walking around the work area.
Overall two thumbs up

Pick up locally?
One of those may be perfect for the shop at work.
So, what kind of humidity ranges are these good at?
So, what kind of humidity ranges are these good at?

With humidity not normally a concern in the Phoenix area I cant answer that. I will say at 110° its way better with it then without it whatever the humidity is at here. The cooler does have 2 levels of water flow that might come into play with higher humidity areas.:meh:

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