Help ID this carb?

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Sep 11, 2020
I have a 74 FJ55 with an F engine from the first quarter of '74. I am the second owner. Have had the truck since about 1980.
It has been parked for 20 or so years and I am getting it back on the road.
Problem is, I am old now and lost memory to age and some surgeries.

The rig is de-smogged, and somewhere along the line I installed this non-US carb and a non-US distributor (19600-61010) marked 2F.
The date code on the carb is odd. It reads D6 9 and the tag reads 60261.
I believe I bought these from SOR in about 91. SOR can't find reference to the carb number.

Anyone recognize the carb? I want to get a kit for it and rebuild, or have it rebuilt.
Further, lately I have seen mention that this distributor requires the coil bias resistor. I wasn't running a resistor before and the points look OK. Was I wrong to do so?

Take a look. Don't be afraid to read me the riot act if you see problems.
I still have the original parts and can switch back.
Thanks in advance.
The distributor part number should be 19100-61010, not 19600-61010, and is a non-US distributor like you said.
Date stamp on the carb makes it:

D. = April
6. =. 6th day of April
9. = 1969 just from the look off the carb, it’s not a ‘79
I may have stumbled upon the answer in Date Code Carb Identification post. On page 4, thebigredrocker IDs a carb with the same 60261 type tag and a characteristic the makes the body "74-ish". This carb is strikingly similar as to the outside framework parts as mine and shows the same 74-ish features. Perhaps mine is the 73-75 style built the next year as a repair item.
The original USA carb on mine stripped at the airhorn inlet for fuel return when I went to rebuild that, and I got the identical but obsolete part (60205) straight from Toyota (for $140) in '86, and it was date coded (6) atop the air horn after carb production had changed. Perhaps this non-US carb was made in 76 as a replacement part.
I'll contact a Keyster dealer and see if the 60261 build is mentioned on the rebuild kit box for that 73-75 series of carbs.

Thanks for the ideas.
I am puzzled by the PAIR of cable clamp fittings on the right side of the carb. One is for the choke, which is hooked up to my choke cable. But there's another below.
One would assume that is for a throttle cable, but searching around reveals chokes to the carb only being used in the 60s carbs, the later trucks throttled at the pedal.
It beats me.

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