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Jun 29, 2019
North Texas
Hello, helpful cruiser folks! I have a 95' cruiser with no lockers with an ABS light on. The story goes: I was in the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru and my ABS light came on. The end. Nothing out of the norm.
I test all the connectors on the wheel sensors for proper resistance and all are fine. I cleaned each wheel sensor thoroughly. My speedometer works great and my engine does not lag. (This is my ruling out of the axle speed sensors). I did test my ABS system on a rainy day and it doesn’t work. My wheels lock up. I tested my ABS system with the e1 tc method and found a flashing sequence as such. (* being a flash)
-4 seconds- * -2.5 seconds- * -2.5 seconds- *- 1 second- * 1 second- * 1 second- * etc.
the one-second flashing in total about 6-8 times before the whole sequence starts over. I may mention as well that my cruise control light flashed in between each 1-second flash during my test.

I have come to the conclusion based on the diagnosis sheet that I have either code 11 or 21 based on the similarities in sequence.
Also, I did try wiggling the ABS solenoid relay behind the ABS module and this did not work.

Can I get some clarification on what to check for 11 and 21? Or am I incorrect in my code diagnosis? Has anyone had similar issues. Please help. Thank you!
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