Hello from London

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Mar 30, 2008
London UK
Hi all!

Just thought I would introduce myself, Gwyn from London

I have recently bought a HJ60, well that is what the chassis plate says.. It looks more like a '62 with its four lights and electric widows etc.

It has 145k miles on it and runs great, little bit of rust on the bodywork - but the frame seems solid. Its 5 spd manual with Hi4 and Low4 and a diesel 4litre 2h (non turbo) engine. I am actually pretty surprise about the MPG, seams to be about 20-26mpg (that UK, not US gallons) and not that slow, being happy at 80mph in France 5 up with a load.

I have bought it as I am planning a little drive from London to Cape Town, via East Africa - it would seem to be the perfect truck.

Over the next few months I am going to be doing a fair amount of rebuilding / mods on it for the trip and shall keep you all posted.

This is my first 4x4, I have previously owned BMW e30's (late 80's 3 series) which I have learn't my mechanics on!

I have had it about 2 months now - and haven't yet seen another 60!

Few pics.. (it has a great plate! :censor:)




So much space under the bonnet!

Welcome!! You came to the right place to get info about building your truck.
Welcome to the forums.
Former resident of Weston Super Mare here, and I didn't see any of the older cruisers down there either! In fact, the only cruisers I saw while there were usually on the ferry from Dunkirk, and they were always loaded to the t's with ciggies and booze!

Now then - the F reg. That makes it a 1988? If that is the case, then you most likely have a 62 on your hands. Best of luck with everything. I for one am looking forward to seeing how she comes along!
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Welcome to mud. Start a buildup thread and keep us updated and we can help answer your questions. I would start with the suspension for getting ready for a long roadtrip like that.

Nice rig. Funny to see this thread. I just got home from a 5 week trip to the UK. I spent most of it in the North, Leeds (Drighlington area). I see the Bradford Toyota emblem on the front plate. I didn't see many cruisers there. Nice find and FWIW you guys have excellent beer/pubs.
Welcome, but did you know you're parked on the wrong side of the road?...:D
Nice choice of vehicle.
I also have a HJ60, except it's a 1987 Canadian spec HJ60. Mine has 184,000km's (about 110,000 miles) on the odometer. Right away I noticed the rear bumper is different, it looks similar to ones I've seen on Australian Land Cruisers. Also yours doesn't have the red rear side marker lights. Just out of curiosity is yours a 12 or 24 volt electrical system?
Here's a couple of pics of mine.
You'll find that the people here are real helpful in any questions or problems that you may encounter with your HJ60. Also it's a good place to look for parts as you'll soon find out that a lot of parts are hard to come by.
Good luck with your build.
-- Ed :cheers:
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Very nice. Welcome to the board! Make sure you install a snorkel before you drive over to the continent.
hey gwynley! welcome to the wonderful world of landcruisers!!! i'm actually going to be in london (well, barnes...) in may; would love to see the truck in person, maybe go for a pint or three!? :cheers:
Nice hj60. welcome to the rookie world..... i notice also the rims are different s and he fender marker light its on other spot ..welcome to the Real Men Toy !!
Haha! That is interesting! I have an FJ 60 in Australia that I want to use (pending body repairs) on a trip from here back to the UK! :)

Best of luck! What is your route? We won't be going for another two years yet, as i have to finish my project out here first...
London! Very nice, and a brave thing to have somthing big and thirsty there.

I have a cousin in the East end on Bethnal Green.

Best, Todd
Thats a sweet rig ya got there!
I hope your planning on getting new tires before the trip, it looks like the back right has seen better days (white rubber showing through)
A build thread would be great as others have mentioned.
Nice plates.......anyone?
What a welcome -thanks!

'mud looks a great forum, nice and busy with some very impressive rebuilds going on. I will deffo start my own!

It's a 1989 truck, 24v the vin plate says its an HJ60.. must be one of the last. Dash looks pretty different to most of the ones on here.

It isn't the best car to have in central london (and I live about 3 miles from Big Ben etc!) but I don't really drive in the centre. I'm Welsh so most of its driving will be in Wales, where there is plenty of fun to be had! TAIT - drop me a line when you are in London Barnes isn't that far off - and Putney (close by) has some good pubs on the river.

Nice truck ed - same colour - though yours is a bit more sparkly! There does seem to be a fair few differences between UK and US cars. At that time Toyota's had large option lists in the UK, so you could specify exactly what you wanted.

It needs lots of new parts...
Family and i will also be in the UK this year, Bedford/Deal mostly but will be taking the kids around London as they have never been. So now we can go Cruiser spotting whilst in London.
Only sure dates i have set are for the Flying legends airshow at Duxford. (i need my fix)
Hey Gwyn what parts do you need/looking for your HJ60?

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