Headliner reglue

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Nov 5, 2006
The original headliner in my 1980, slowly started to come down. At first I could spray adhesive on the roof and press it back up for a few weeks, but over time that stopped doing any good, and more and more dropped down. Now the factory roll bar, is the only thing holding it up !

There is nothing wrong with the OEM headliner, no rips, no tears, just the thin foam backing is separating. Some foam still on the roof, and some foam remains on the headliner

Is there any way, worth the trouble, to reattach it, or do I just need to bite-the-bullet, buy a new headliner ?
You probably will need to remove the headliner and scrape the foam off and clean it up then you can spray the adhesive on both (top & Liner) and stick it back up.

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