HDK To-057n CV joints and unable to get out far enough to fit snap-ring with later-style spindles

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Oct 8, 2011
Toronto, NSW, Australia
Had a drama today. Was making great progress with my front diff and brake rebuild and went to install new CV's (HDK To-057n's) but I was unable to get them to pull out far enough (fitted into later style needle roller bearing spindles) to fit the snap ring once I'd mounted the Aisin part-time hub bases.

Besides pissing me off bigtime about having to pull stuff apart and make a huge diff oil and grease mess, I re-fitted the shafts and HDK CV's (To-030's) I'd removed from my old diff assy and it all went together properly.

The HDK To-057's are supposed to be equivalent to 43405-60120 which are the OEM replacement part for original CV's in non-ABS 80's such as mine.

Now my question in relation to this matter is.... Are the later-style spindles with needle roller bearing and brass bush physically any different besides the addition of the needle roller bearing? ie. are they just slightly longer? That's the only thing I can think of which would have given me curry trying to get the To-057's out far enough to get the snap-ring on.

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