Hand crank start, true or BS?

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Mar 8, 2007
In a van, down by the river
Greetings, relatively new here...

Someone told me FJ40 can be started with a "Hand crank" that inserts in the front of engine under the grill. Like to old style 20's type cars.

Only info I could find in my Haynes book is a picture showing jack bars and "starting handle" storage under the seat of a FJ55.

I'm interested in knowing if this is true or BS. If true I would like to learn how to do it and find a crank. It is possible I may have one in the abundant toyota "stuff" I acquired from the PO of my rigs.

Any input on this?
googled it, and searched mud...cant find any info.

Can you elaborate some details?

turn key to on stick crank in and turn and turn and turn and
I've started my FJ45 that way. Kinda fun. If everything is right, it just takes one "pull". Watch that you don't break your wrist! :D
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