GX470 Inverter

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Mar 1, 2019
the prairie
Has anyone swapped a larger inverter into their GX? I am hoping to do this so I can run two outlets with larger loads.

Not that I’m aware of. I believe I’ve heard that the wires running to the OEM inverter won’t hold up to a bigger load. I’ve pulled apart the rear panels and you have room to hide a different inverter there but you’d want to run all new wiring to be safe. GX don’t look good on fire.
If you want to use the inverter button, use it as a control switch to a relay vs. a powered wire to a new inverter. Mount it, wire it, then tap into the control wire on the OEM switch and have it power a relay to the inverter. That way you get the same function but none of the itty bitty wires to carry the electrons.

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