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Feb 28, 2003
This mutt adopted us this weekend. I'm guessing she's a little under a year old. Anyways, what do you guys think she looks (most) like?

I think she has some pitbull in her. :eek: Definitely not aggressive in the least, though. Any loud noise or if she thinks she's about to get beaten, she slinks away pretty quickly. She's a jumper and I yelled at her, and she wouldn't come close to me for about ten minutes. I'm used to thick-skulled male dogs, so I'm gonna have to change my approach to discipline with this one.
IMG_0168 [800x600].jpg
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IMG_0171 [800x600].jpg
She'll stay, more than likely. She's been at the house for two nights so far in a yard that's not fenced in. Every time I've gone outside, she's there. My wife went walking for a few miles around the neighborhood, and she followed her the whole time. My dogs don't pay her any attention.

If she hangs around for a week, I'll take her to the vet and get her fixed. She's a street dog, so if she runs off before (or after) then, so be it. I don't see that happening, though. She won't leave my side when I'm around, and she likes the kids, too.
I'd agree with a pit mix. It will probably be more apparent once she fattens up some.
I wish I would have snapped a pic of her standing next to my lab. I'd say she probably weighs about 30lbs right now.
she sounds/looks like a sweetie, very loyal and grateful... i hope she sticks around and becomes a great addition to you and your family. :) good luck!
Nah, I don't see any beagle in her. I hope not, anyways. If she had beagle, she probably would have bolted already. Shes not very vocal, either. I'm completely amazed that my neither of my dogs pay her any attention whatsoever. Not even when she gets jumpy and antsy at feeding time. It's almost like she's invisible. If I pay her any attention, the male lab will come up and want his share, though.

I'll try to snap some better pics.
Maybe a little ridgeback?
Maybe a little ridgeback?

Looks kinda like that, but the hair doesn't stand up. I've only seen one RR in SC in my entire life - not real popular here.
I wish I would have snapped a pic of her standing next to my lab. I'd say she probably weighs about 30lbs right now.

You already did(Technically not standing next to)..;) But if you size her up to that snout on the right, anyone can see the difference.
Hard to tell what breeds, my guess, alot of mutt (which is a good thing). Hats off wob for giving her a chance.:cheers:

If I were to guess by color alone, maybe some boxer.
screw it, she just doesn't like having her picture taken.

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