Grease (Yet Again)

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Apr 23, 2005
Sorry, I've searched, but am still confused. I've got quite a few Valvoline Synthetic grease tubes on the shelve. I've used this on the birfields in the past. On the tube, it says that it can be used on wheel bearings. Can I just use this grease everywhere (birfields, wheel bearings, drive shafts, etc.)?
I don't have an 80, so this info may or may not help you, but at least it is a 'data point'.

I bought my '75 40 new, it's still a shared DD, drove it in to town today. I've had my 60 for 14 years and it now has 310,000 miles and is my other shared DD.

I have ALWAYS used the exact same grease in birfs, bearings and d/s. And all this was way before we had syn stuff even available. Never any issues at all.

Don't know how smart this was, but haven't had any issues/problems.

Moly fortified grease.

My semi-synth Valvoline has it, but not sure about the full synths - anecdotally I've been told Mobil 1 doesn't, so gotta read your tube/tubs.
Just use this for everything.

And you can use that delicious, black moly grease any where you want. It's all I have used for 25 years.
So, unless I hear otherwise, I will plan on using this everywhere. Thanks.

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