Good dog for young kids...

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Nov 10, 2005
Eventually, I would like to get a pooch to hang with the boy.

Not to sound paranoid, but there are quite a few cougars around my house, prowling the trails. I would like him to have an edge when he is eventually out there exploring...

These breeds keep popping up, but none really tickle my fancy...

  • Australian Shepherd
  • Beagle
  • Boxer Dogs
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • English Bulldog
  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador
  • Norfolk Terrier (AKC link)
  • Poodle
I would love to get a hound of sorts, black and tan coon, or something, but they are just not family dogs, from what I understand...

Any ideas out there?

FYI, there will be no Pits or Canary Fighters considered, so leave it alone.
can't (usually) go wrong with an Aussie Shephard
skillet if you want a dog to bond with and protect your son, German Shepherd.
my neighbor had one if if you tried to touch that kid, he would eat you alive.
or a sheltie. Very loyal dog and also, a good warning dog. Barks alot when there is noise that should not be there as in bushes.
Get a stuffed one.

Actually I changed my mind, get a Aus Shepard :D
heelers and Australian Shepherds are damn quick

:lol:heelers are the only dog I know that can flatten a tire
not big enough... not sure how much of a cat-deterrent it would be. good dogs, though.

no labs or germans, but I have thought of ridgebacks.
I've always liked Labs, German Shepherds and Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Yeup, having these thoughts right now, Im digging chocolate lab, Vizula, or German Shepherd.
Our Jack has nipped the baby when she is chasing him, I really cant blame him, he leaves when she starts chasing him and tries to get away from her, but get cornered once ir twice.
I'm particular to Aussies too, also a Cattle dog..

If you plan on taking the pooch on trails, stay away from black dogs... they can't handle the 90 degree weather on the trails.. being in direct sunlight..

I've had an Aussie on the trail multiple times, and he kept up great, never got tired, but that could be a bad thing if he's not exercised enough at home..
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Shepherds are great dogs, but if it's too protective.. that can also be a bad thing.. Don't want your dog snapping at friends in a campground.. trust me I know..:rolleyes:

skillet if you want a dog to bond with and protect your son, German Shepherd.
my neighbor had one if if you tried to touch that kid, he would eat you alive.
1st would be a GR..2nd would be the lab(chocolate being 1st in the labs)
I would say ridgeback, vizsla, and weimaraner. My neighbor has a ridgeback and got it when his kids were 3.5&2, and it is extremely loyal to and protective of the kids. It's a pretty low-key dog though.

My parents got my brother and I a weimar when he was 6 and I was 3. She lived 14 years and was an awesome dog... she was perhaps a bit overprotective of us though. If somebody she didn't know came over to the house and tried to pick us up immediately they'd get growled and/or nipped at if they weren't careful. The only time I ever had trouble with her was when I tried to take a chew bone my parents had just given her... obviously she was a bit protective of it. I learned not to try to do that again.
I would vote for Aussie shepard. They think my dog is a Aussie/Husky mix, and he is a smart pup.
puppy 004.jpg
I have seen some amazing Sheps, great dogs, I want something who stands next to her anytime shes out and about on my property.

Their health issues concern me, I see 909's Shep at 13 and feel bad.
I think you guys are nuts suggesting the Aussi Shepards w/kids, one of the most nipping/biting, territorial, single owner type breed I've ever encountered... They attacked the tires on a 2-ton dump truck I was driving once... Oh, and the constant barking...:bang:
The ridgebacks have a very strong predatory drive to them. They are likely to tear stray cats to pieces. May not be suitable for the little one.
We're dog shopping now too. From the suggestions brought up and what I've read/heard from owners - the sheep/cattle dogs are good for temperament, but they can try to dominate and herd kids. Weimaraner? Good looking but holy obstinate. They have the attitude of a dalmatian.

We're heading towards a lab. Not exciting, but good for kids.

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