Gone but still here!

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Oct 31, 2011
Tampa, FL
One of my closest buddies, @cruiserjunktion and I struck a deal and he now owns the locked 96 LX450. This truck was a lot of fun and I'm so stoked he gets to drive the hell out of it. The LX was my DD here in S Tampa, and my family needed something a "tad" bigger.


So how do ya like them apples?



Definitely not parting with my 40, but going to miss the 80 crowd!
Needs sliders and 37's........
Glad to see that it stayed in your area. Sometimes it does tug at your heartstrings as an added bonus it's still pretty close to me.
Thanks all! @cruiserjunktion did a ton of work to it, made it perfect. I've got some cool plans too. A modest interior build for bike trips comes first. We've got 4yr old twins, so major family hauler is the goal. I've got a good friend who built out her Sprinter for her professional bike races with heated water supply, solar, compressor, the works. She'll be a great help.

My wife thinks it looks a little too much like a commercial van, so I think I'll be able to sell her on a 6" lift and some 31s! And some lower steps too.
Opportunity knocks:

The funny thing is, for a daily driver the Ford 350 van will probably get better mileage then the Land Cruiser did.

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