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Erik TLCA #5303
Aug 2, 2004
Appears some clubs are stating to use GMRS as their primary means of communication. Many of us use HAM in our trucks already.
If you are interested in getting a license.
The link above has a quick reference guide to getting the license.
All it takes is the FCC assigned FRN# and your password and $70 to cover a license for 10 years for your family.

Those of us with a ham license already have a frn # but not necessarily the password linked to it. I submitted a password reset request and it was processed within hours.
Next step was getting the gmrs license.

Follow this link
and use your FRN# and password that you previously reset.
Apply for license ZA - General Mobile Radio (GMRS)
you should not need a STA (Special Temporary Authorization)
you should not be exempt from FCC application fees.
pay your $70. Wait.
The FCC was supposed to reduce the fee to $35 but that has not happened.

I won't go into the legalities of using a HAM on GMRS frequencies even at legal broadcast power. Some of our radios can do both, is it legal? We can discuss that around a campfire.
CB is an antique now. I will NOT be putting a CB in a truck again.

I bring this up because an event i am going to this calendar year will be utilizing GMRS as their primary means of communication. Did i want to learn something new? No, not really. Was it difficult? No, not really. Will a cheap Midland handheld GMRS work, I sure hope so.
I also ordered a midland MXT275 to hard-mount in the truck for the event. Should hide well.
I am in now way stating that the club should change from HAM to GMRS. That would be a step backwards.
I am only stating that some others might not have a HAM license and that some clubs are using a different format that has become popular.

This site also has pictures of how to apply and FAQ such as legalities of using using other radios such as a Baofeng UV-5r to transmit on GMRS.

All that being said.. I still support HAM as a solid way to communicate but options are good and one can hand out a GMRS portable just as easy as a portable Ham.
Go here to reset -- or make your password. It will likely fail, if you never had a password, then give you another link to fill out with all the info to get one made.

the FCC will send you an email to "notify you of the recent grant of your application(s)"
congrats! again.. a just in case thing i would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

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