GM vs 77 FJ40 column


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Mar 29, 2003
Northern Minnesota
Hello All,

Currently doing a frame up resto on my 77
and I want to use a GM tilt column. I am a rather tall fellow so I am hoping this will help with my legs interfering with the steering wheel?

I have questions that need answers. In the pics (that I hopefully attached) you can see the column out of my 77 FJ40 and a GM column out of a 76 chevy pick up. I was considering using a IDIDIT column, but I want my ignition key in the column, not in the dash, which you would have to do with an aftermarket column. The only bad part with the GM column (in my opinion) is that I have to put a dimmer switch in the floor, oh well, the lesser of 2 evils in my opinion.

Because of my height I would like to bring the column 2 to 3" further out than the stock column (you should be able to see the red arrow) that is roughly where I would like it to go through the firewall. I am going to use the firewall adapter that advance adapters sells to trim it out and fasten it as it passes through the firewall. I have also installed a saginaw power steering kit. To achieve the correct angle on the steering shaft so it does not interfere with the 2F motor mount I have to modify the end of GM column. Basicly I have to shorten it so that as soon as the column passes through the firewall I need to go adapt to the univeral joint. It can't stick out 4 inches into the engine compartment, the universal joint needs to be about an inch from the firewall.

Now for the question(s). Can the GM column be shortened 2 to 4" from what you see in the pics? How do I adapt to what is there when I shorten it? I assume if or can shorten it, it's not going to be that nice spline that's on there now just a round 1" shaft? How do I get this column apart to shorten it? Any other suggestions?

Help please, Thanks, Matt

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