German camper conversion

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Aug 20, 2004
Met a couple from Germany with a nice 100 camper conversion. He purchased it new off the lot, took it in to have the rear cut and custom camper built. Left hand drive, deisel, manual, cloth interior, solid front axle, full floating rear. He had a H62 for 20 years and replaced it with the 100. He considered a 78 but prefered 100. He's traveling to Canada then shipping the truck to Chili to travel South America. He was totally bumbed that he wasn't going to be arround for CM07. He ran 3 batteries and solar pannels on the roof. 78 series lift springs, air bags in rear and 275 BFG, said it origionally came with 255's. Definatly to coolest 100 I've ever seen. Met him on Shafer Trail rd UT 4/21
100 camper view.jpg
100 campersideview.jpg
100 camper inside.jpg
Thanks for taking the time to share the photos! Nice pics. Was the vehicle imported from europe or canada? Where was the photo taken?
Shipped over from Europe, German spec. and plates. Pic's from below Dead Horse pt. roughly. Another nice touch, the two red bags above the benches on both sides are his and her's luggage. Roof is a pop top. Mrs tells people the sand ramps are for cooking muffins over a campfire.
Looks to have good approach angles, well thought out interior. Someday I will spend a couple of months in a vehicle like this wheelin.

Thanks for sharing the pic's
One day I'm going to do something like that, if I could only get someone to rear end me without screwing up the frame. Then I could take the insurance money and get a kit done.
The white on looks like it belongs at a KOA campground. One of those KOA's with a soccer field.

The beige one looks like it belongs at base camp of a hunting party anyplace in the world.
Testament to the design.
I wonder what all the camels on the white one stands for? It shows them on the right rear quarter panel and the back door.

Keeping some sort of score, though I'm afraid to venture as to what.
I wonder what all the camels on the white one stands for? It shows them on the right rear quarter panel and the back door.

I'm not sure if its the case with that particular rig (probably is) but there is a tradition among German overlanders to put a camel sticker on for each trip to the Sahara and a moose (like in the burgundy LJ73) for each trip to Finland.
I had a Litecraft cab-over pop-up camper put on my former Bronco. It was well built & still allowed some serious off-roading. They're still in business, just north of Denver:

(edit): I don't know it they still do custom mods but back in the early-mid 90's they were still doing them. An LC-100 mod wouldn't be difficult for them, but cutting off the rear roof & side sections would give up alot of stiffness. Added weight was about 700 lbs on my Bronco unit. To do it again I would probably do a standard pick-up/slide in unit on a 1/2-ton PU , but having the open walk-thru feature was nice.
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