Garage Ceiling Storage Racks for RTTs and other accessories


Sep 14, 2003
Centennial, Colorado
I have had the Racor rack for years to hold my Roof Top Tents. Since I have 8 ft Garage doors its easy to drive in, Take the mounting bolts off the rood rack and attach it to the Racor lift and crank it up to the ceiling using a power drill. Notice I had two RACOr. One with the racks that came with it with gear on it and the one for the RTT without the rack. I also added extenders so it could slip around the edges and then I bolt the RTT to the bars

You need to make sure it is bolted in the middle of the ceiling joist. I had to remount it the first time to esnure it could take the load

Amazon product

Fast forward a few years and I bought an AluCab RTT. I tried the Racor, but it was straining and I could see a failure in the future. So I researched multiple racks and went with the Aux Lift through a local installer. All the bad reviews I read were from people who installed it themselves and couldnt get the 4 sides adjusted properly, so I went with a professional install

It has an electric motor and makes it easy to move up and down. I pondered how best to attach the Alu-Cab and decided using Car towing straps it would be best to mount from the underside. This still leaves the rack to store stuff on top. The wight load for this one is 400lbs and they have a beefier one for 600 lbs. The local company said the 400 lbs had a lot of margin as they have raised it with two heavy grown men on it with no problems testing it out.

Garage Storge Lift. Motorized garage storage system declutters Like I said I found a local rep and bought it from them

As I get older I like things easy. Drive in, unbolt add the straps and press a button. I can also lower it all the way to the floor if I want to open it up in my garage

The supports cross over 4 celing supports where as the Racor you have to mount each side across one support. The added additional supports as you can see in the picture





There are two options for you that have worked well for me depending on the load
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