Fuel pump and fan

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Dec 10, 2017
I have a 67 FJ40 with the 145F engine, I am contemplating changing out mechanical fuel pump to electric fuel pump. Also contemplating installing an electric fan in place of stock four blade propeller fan. Any thoughts or recommendations?
I've been very happy with the Carter pumps in my signature, below.

IIRC they produce 3-5psi... Perfect for my OEM '78 2bbl Aisan carb.
The other option is run a 2F plastic fan blade.

Here’s a quote from the owner of Mark’s Offroad in Burbank, CA. Pretty sure if you buy a newer 6 blade plastic fan from him he offers a custom spacer to retro-fit your cruiser.

Why do you think it would be a good 'addition'? If it is an UPGRADE from the 4 blade metal fan, well then....ANYTHING is a good upgrade from that timebomb.

IF you're doing it to net more horsepower/speed, you're on the wrong path. You'll find the internal vibrations of the F are just as bad without the direct drive fan as with it, so you won't be any more likely to drive any faster.

If you're doing it for more efficient cooling, you're also on the wrong path. How could a part time fan cool better than a full time one?

I have retro-fied later model cruisers to run with direct drive fans, so perhaps I am biased. But the rigs I build and drive spend a fair amount of time in the desert, where maximum cooling is important.


Mark A.

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