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Aug 20, 2003
Murphy, TX
Anybody know where I can download the Factory Service Manual? I am specifically interested in the engine manual so that I can rebuild my Aisan carb on my '73 FJ40. All the url's on Birfield.com are no longer available.
Check the 80's section......there is a TON of info on this.

did you register ?????
sure did... I can't get into the forum or just about anything else without this coming back in my face....

"Not Found
The requested URL /manuals/F.pdf was not found on this server.

Apache/1.3.31 Server at www.vieser.org Port 80"

any thoughts?
all the links are dead for me too , maybe too many people have started downloading the files or i screwed up the link , by posting it ??????????

oops!! i don't know . but i can't download nothing either

maybe i shouldn't have posted this ?????????? who knows ????
The link worked for me, although I was only able to access the HTML format and not the low or high resolution pdf's.
Are you trying to open it or right click on it to save it to your computer? I haven't been back to the site for a while but I know I ran into a problem when I tried to open it - just too many pages.

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