front shock mount & shock leingth ???

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Mar 17, 2008
Rockford IL
I just did a spring flip and an spring over in my 76 fj40...

I was wondering about the position of the shock mount on the axle and was wondering if i would need to change the shock tower position because i moved the axle forward about 3inches...

I also need to know what shock (part #) would work with a spring over and a 2 inch shackle lift .. Keep in mind that I did the spring flip cuz i dont know if that makes a difference in shok leingth...

thanks for the help in advance !!!:beer:
The honest answer is that you are in a better position to answer this question than anyone here.

1.You will need to use a jack and articulate your axle thru the complete range of motion to figure out the long and the short of it.

2.Add AT LEAST 1 inch to both ends if you think you are likely to wheel the truck hard enough to flex it beyond the static flex points. If you are running an aftermarket spring and your shackles don't look like they're anywhere near fully rotated, then add a couple of inches on either end of your static flex measurement.

3. Check commercial shock mfg spec sheets

4. If you cut your stock shock tabs off your axle and flip them left to right [so they're pointed backwards] that should alleviate some of the angularity created with the spring flip.


Mark A.
Here are a few pics of mine. I used Ford Shock towers, they are from a Ford F-250. You ca buy them from Ford and they bolt right up. Good luck. I am running RS9000 shocks they are long!!! I am running a shackle reversal and my front has moved 3" just like yours. I am running custom long springs from Alcan(5"lift) sprung under.










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Love the color. More inspiration for me.
When I flipped my front spring (4" lift and 1" shackles about the same as a flat spring SOA) I moved my front Ford shock towers forward to have hte same orientation that the towers had before the front flip. I also had to move my bump stops forward to sit above the axle.

I used a 12" shock, but some use a 14 for longer travel. My bump stops are lengthend to where a 12" works perfectly.

A ford shock tower mounted level with the bottom of the frame rail was perfect. I think it is something like 15"s tall. You will ahve to cut out the fender opening wider in front and taller to clear the shock mount. The Ford tower alwo moves the shocks out a bit for better clearnance.

Once I did a 60 series power steering conversion, I had to use some round stock for the driver's shcok since i no longer had room for the Ford mount. Again, off the top of my head, it was 15 inches tall and I used the same angle as the ford shock tower.

If you look here: at the seond picture for the top, my 1.5" round stock shcok mount would be mounted right about where the light brown burn dust ends to the right of the steering box.

I don't have a picture of the shock mount mounted yet on the post.

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