Front door stuck closed

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May 8, 2016
I looked at other threads and saw similar problems but nothing exact so I need some help again... My FRONT (not the child lock situation) passenger door is stuck and neither the inside or outside handles will open it. The lock will unlock manually as well as with the button and the handles move freely, the outside handle has a little resistance at the very top of pulling on it but everything seems to be connected inside the door and working as it should. I just installed new speakers so luckily the inside panel wasn't fully in place so I did take off the inside door panel and can see/get to the mechanism but it's not budging the latch. I'm stumped and it seems like when I get something fixed some other bull**** happens. I just got the toytec ditch light mounts and can't install the passenger so it makes the situation even worse lol!
I would try to get a look at another similar door with the door card removed so you can look for ways to slide a Alim Jim down in there to access the latch mechanism.
I had a very similar issue. When you take the door panel off, in the little hole area right near the locking mechanism, there is a hinge/pivot point that may be getting stuck when locking/unlocking. I had to use a zip-tie to hold the pivot spot against the actual metal section that leads to the actuator. Hope that helps!

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