For Sale FJ80 Glass - Tailgate, sides, door glass, Windshield, Regulators etc

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FJ80 Collector
Apr 25, 2011
Near Pasadena CA
United States
Liftgatle complete in very good condition. $175
Tailgates from $100 - $150
Regulators with power motor
Tailgate glass,
Rear Sliding windows
Door Glass,
Sunroof Glass
Power Window Switches
Power Window Switch Bezels
Etc. $20 to $100
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I don't ship windshields. . It takes two hours to wrap them, I get surcharged to send and insure them, and they break anyway. With the extra charges, the customer could have had a brand new one installed.
Nevermind, just saw "FJ80" so I'd assume they are clear. Do you still have rear door windows, and the rear sliding windows? Also, are the small rear door windows included?
I do have all the glass. There were different color tints from the factory in different years. 91 and 92 were clear. What year is yours? Will you be needing the center divider for the rear doors that separates the small glass from the window that goes up and down?
Yes, I do have the master switch that controls all the windows and door locks.
All four power window regulators, arms, and switches ready to ship same day
Yes, I do have the power window switch bezels. Please let me know what color, or if wood grained.
I have two more full sets of door lock actuators, power door lock switches, bezels, window regulators, and lots of windows
Sunroof glass is sold. One complete sunroof assembly is available
do you still have the rear glass? this would be for the rear hatch?
Yes. $85. You will have to reuse your same rubber gasket.
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Yes, please see your personal message
Still have the upper liftgate? Don't need the glass if that's easier.
Still have the upper liftgate? Don't need the glass if that's easier.
I do have the liftgate BUT the shipping is a killer. I estimate shipping alone to exceed $250. The liftgate would be $150 without glass.
Sorry, I don't want to ship it. I have to buy a box, modify it, reinforce it, pad it, and by the time it gets there it is dented or the window is broken and neither of us are happy. However, it can be shipped using MUDSHIP, you just have to find someone going that way on Mud under MUDSHIP. I have upper tailhatches in White, Red, Yellow Primer, and Green.

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