Fj62 pulling to right side when braking.

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Jul 18, 2019
SE Florida
What’s up!

I changed to stainless braided lines, front rotors and rear drum and of corse pads. I bled the system but she still pulls to the passenger side.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
Likely rear drums. Make sure they are adjusted the same on both sides. Tighten adjustment nut until tire does not rotate, loosen two clicks. It might rub slightly but should wear in.
My '78 FJ40 did this after 40 years (on the original front calipers) and I rebuilt the calipers and it went away. The pistons were not rusty, but had serious sludge on them, causing them to hang up. Rebuilding 4 piston calipers is a messy pain in the rear.

My '89 FJ62 is now doing this, and I plan to do the same. The reman calipers from Toyota are $56 each, but were back-ordered of late. As @ceylonfj40nut said, it could be the rears, too, but I tend to think it's rusty or gummed up front calipers. YMMV.
I would just adjust the star gears on the drums. It’s easy enough, and it’s a good first step.
Make sure you bleed the system in the order laid out in the FSM.

Driver rear
Passenger rear
Driver front
Passenger front

Also adjusting the drums but adjust automagically with the parking brake, so give the parking brake handle a couple cranks up and down.

Maybe look at swapping the bleeder to speed bleeders. I had the same issue even with a vacuum bleeder. Tried coating the bleeder threads in Teflon tape and putting grease around the fittings, but always seemed like I was pulling air past the bleeder threads. The speed bleeders fit much better.
Typically, if your car pulls one way, the opposite side brake is the culprit. If you changed pads but not calipers, you likely have a sticking puck on the drivers side.

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