FJ62 Bumpers

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Jan 4, 2011
Pittsboro, NC
Hi all. I wanted to post up pics of the bumpers in the stages that they go through. I am trying to get new bumpers on the front and back of the FJ62.

For the record, I am doing VERY little of my own work on this, although taking the bumpers on/off and fooling with them with paint and grinding feels like I'm doing something LOL.

The first pic is the "before" with the stock bumpers on.

I picked up a home-made front bumper from Devortex in CA - he shipped it out.

I got the front bumper off, but was having a heck of a time with the rivets in the frame. So I started talking to Techtafab (Duane) about cutting them out and putting it on.

I also bought a kit from Fourrunner on the boards here for the back. I generally liked the style of it. It was well cut with a laser, etc.

He shipped the kit directly to Techtafab.

Duane got the front bumper on for me, made it look better, and also built the rear.

He did an amazing job on it to include setting the spindels, embedding the 2" hitch (at the perfect point, I believe), etc. The instructions looked tough to me and it came in a bunch of pieces, so he had to put it all together!

I hope I get to utilize his skills with the swing-arms soon, too! I'm saving up for that as well as changes to the front or a new front bumper.

We took the finished rear bumper from Techtafab Welding out to Kelly's house during the wrenching weekend a week or so ago and ground on it. Thanks for the inspection on it guys - Kelly touched up my newb grinding mistakes a bit, too, I think :) (pic 2)

It was bare metal so it picked up a little surface rust. Prior to taking it to Ameriguard in Lee Summit, I sanded on it a bit and wiped the whole thing down with brake cleaner.

Dan at Ameriguard in LS did a great job on the bumper. That stuff is tougher and sticks better than LineX and others. In fact, I had to cut some of it off, and it was a PITA.

When Duane built the bumper it was built on the frame. I forgot to tell Dan to tape off the mounting points, so I had to cut the Ameriguard off those spots. He shoots EVERYTHING not taped off, to include the inside. He shoots a cleaner, then a optimum primer, than the liner. The liner goes on hot and fast, just like the cruiser runs. :)

There is a pic of the newly cut off and then re-primed spots were it mounts to the truck.
Picture 034.jpg
As of today, this is how we are doing.

EDIT: The back looks really rough in terms of the liner - its due to the rain. I'll post dry pics when I can. I can tell you the Ameriguard is a little rougher than paint, but smoother than LineX, generally.


The back is done for phase 1 minus some touch-up painting on the spindles. I primed around the base of the spindles - the Ameriguard goes up the collar and over the weld, but will need a little Krylon on the space between the weld and the bearing on the stem of the spindles.

There is also a pic of where Duane put the hitch, which I thought was perfect. I can get my bike rack and crap-carriers on it and still put down the rear tailgate AND its as high as possible.

Phase 2 will be to do swing arms - hoping to follow Colin's single clamp concept on his build.


The front is ugly. Duane warned me. Wife hates it. I may just go back with a ARB. Going to see what Duane thinks about moving it up and closer to the front and covering the frame by cutting off the mounts and re-welding new ones. He put on the new bent top piece - improved it a lot.
Hitch pins fit - tighter, but it makes its way through. You do have to push it vs it just "falling" through.

I'm sure Dan can talk you through options with it if you prefer to not coat. He will tell you that the stuff goes on hot and at high pressure - so be sure to talk through that.

He blocked out the hitch inside, itself, so he can definitely exclude areas.

No shackles yet to try, but will when I get them or get the chance.
aw direct is your source for shackles.
price of stuff if you don't mind us asking? liner is what i'm interested in .. can he color match?
Bumper was $150. Priming was $50. He can do colors, but I think I got $50 off the normal price cause he sprayed me with another group - same color (black) - - he had posted price of $200 in the shop I think - maybe that is the normal or the color matched price - I gave him bigwaptajonny's name (he has used him a lot).

I believe he can color match based on conversations with a bwj - not sure the deal on that, tho.
Fourrunner - Thanks so much and thanks for a great kit!! I'm saving up for your battery cables, too :)
Front Bumper Change

Had to take the truck out to Duane to weld up some exhaust leaks and while there he talked me out of the bottomless pit that is the existing front bumper (it is for sale soon, btw!)

Welp - despite my wife's better judgement, I ordered the 4+ front bumper that was too much $$ from Man A Fre - given she likes it better (didn't help after).

Here are some pics of it.
4+ bumper.jpg
4+ bumper 2.jpg
palm trees in missouri? :)
Very nice looking. I think you will be happy with this decision.
New Front

Thanks for the kind words, all!

Here is a few pics of it on. I still need to get a wench and get the lights working again.
Thanks for the kind words, all!

Here is a few pics of it on. I still need to get a wench and get the lights working again.

Sorry I have a WENCH (don't tell her). I need a WINCH.

Thinking M8000 - looking for used or a good deal. Amazon has them for ~$540 - prefer to buy local.


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