FJ60 dizzy refurbishment

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Stop calling it an FJ
Aug 31, 2004
I was gifted this dizzy a good 10 years ago. With the matching dented side cover because Cruiserdrew. I said "sweet". Then i heard that they had no points and last forever. "Sweet", i said.
So i put it in and forgot all about it.
And a couple weeks ago figured out that the inner diaphragm on the advance didn't work. So i put the vac line on the outer diaphragm 'cause it was better than nothing and plugged that vacuum line.
Then read some posts.
Found out that i could get a fix for it from 4Cruisers. So i PMd him. He made a single diaphragm advance gizmo just for me. Sent a graph explaining it that i don't understand, so i bought it. Got it yesterday, put it in today. Plus some while i was in there stuff.

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Naturally, i put the engine at TDC#1 to start. Pulled the dizzy easy enough, unboxed new part.
Started taking stuff apart.



Some screws hesitated to come right out, i had to say a bad word to get them loose, then stuck the pointy end of a non-JIS screwdriver into my thumb. Will i never learn?



So, it's just an easy e-clip and 1 screw and some gentle prying to get the old advancer out.
But, while i was in there...
I had read about the advance post and it's bushing so i went looking for it. Found it and no bushing. Surprise. I did have a length of air line sitting around, 1/4" OD and it was black so it matched the engine block. Cut the recommended 1/4" length and slid it over the pin.



Springs looked good, everything moved, so i just applied a couple doses of PB blaster and started putting things back together.
I did clean out that hole that the adjuster goes through, it was a little rusty. A bore brush for a .44 caliber was a little small, but the 12 ga. Was too big.
Assembly is pretty much the opposite of removal, except the screws go in more easily than they came out.




I did find and check my air gap, it was within specs, which is good because i don't know how i would loosen those hold down screws without removing the black plastic cover that says "do not remove".
Then put the new rotor and cap on, stabbed it, hooked up all the wires (don't forget your oil pump) and started it right up.
No, not really. I had to pull and clock the dizzy a couple times to get it right. Then it fired right up.
Fiddled with the timing a bit, seems to like 29* BTDC for a 650ish RPM idle. Drove around the neighborhood just a bit, too much beer to take it into town, climbed a hill without pinging, accelerates nicely. Further testing to follow.
Good job!
And my thanks to you sir.
So, it's been starting slowly. I have to crank it longer to get it to start. It'll start. Just takes longer. Drove into town, drove just fine, but due to the slow starting(sounded like the spark was working against the starter motor) i retarded it a bit. Running at 29 degrees BTDC now at a 600 RPM warm idle. Pulling only 14 to 14.5 inches vacuum. Was pulling 16" at 39 advance.

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