FJ55 Rebuild

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Aug 22, 2004
Kansas City Area
Recently bought a 72 FJ55. Looking at doing a frame off rebuild. Previous owner says F engine was recently rebuilt and it does run good. Also fender and engine compartment along with frame already cleaned up/painted. Body has usual rust places. I have a donor tub that will be working on that needs mostly surface work and rear corners. Much less work than tub that is on it now.

I am thinking about doing the following:
  • Take it down to the frame
  • Finish cleaning up rest of frame
  • Upgrade suspension, axles, diffs
  • Disc brakes and power brakes
  • Power steering
  • New bumpers (currently ones not in best shape)
  • Upgrade engine from original F to V8 - thinking 1uz-fe but open to Vortec
  • Keep Toyota 3pd or upgrade to 4spd transfer case
  • Swap 3spd (on floor) transmission to either H55 or automatic that fits 1uz-fe or Vortec
  • Fix/paint body
Been researching 1uz-fe engine with auto transmission, anyone know about adapter to use existing transfer case? I have seen adapters for transfer case for auto transmissions with Vortec but not 1uz-fe.

Any other thoughts or upgrades? Thanks!
This will be mostly daily driver but will do some off road with it. No hardcore crawling but will have some off road fun.
If you choose Chevy V8 I can provide freebie V8 installation instruction manual (PM me). If you choose Chevy using your stock 3 speed tranny, I have the bellhousing, adapter, clutch and shift fork you will need- - - lemme know.
Thanks will PM you for the manual. I think I am going to upgrade the 3spd though.
Lemme know if you choose Vortec & 4L60E tranny, I can provide more up-front info than my manual provides.

Sounds like a great build. If you haven't already, should come down to the pig forum and read some of the neat builds going on and bring some pictures with you!
After more research think I will swap my 3 spd transfer case for an updated split transfer case. Also looking at 6.0 V8.
The Vortec is great I've got one in a 40. The guys at Howell in Michigan have everything needed for the computer/wiring.

You may also need block hugging headers and if you're dong PS check your clearances it's tight.
After more research and talking to some friends, narrowing down to 4L60 or 4L80 tranny and L33 or LQ9 engine. SOA as well.
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I have see others use FJ60 axles for swaps. Better to use complete axles or parts swap into the FJ55 axles?
Complete 60 axles and 60 power steering gearbox.

They're wider than 55/70 axles and it fills out the wheel well nicely, evidenced in @scrapdaddy

Look for full float rears with ebrake, if going with the split case, or be prepared to address ebrake function with any US axle.
With SOA, you certainly won't mind having the extra width for stability. Just don't use the opportunity of having a complete donor 60 front axle on hand to put off a full knuckle/wheel bearing service.


Where are you located?
split case and fj62 axles, or even fzj80 axles. the pigs don't fly, so the straight 6 engines are just fine in them as far as I'm concerned. I'd rather pull stumps than pass beemers.
and power steering. got to have power steering
I am located in KC. I already picked up a 60 power steering gearbox. Thanks for the info!
Oh well. So much for my daydream of scoring another F engine!:clap:

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