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Jul 6, 2005
O-side, CA
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Time to bit the bullet and dive in. AA is building an Orian HD for me, and I need a paint job/body work. So yesterday I took my running fj40 apart.

This is at 10AM.

At 12:30pm

12:30 - 1:00 Lunch

At 4:30pm


And around 6pm after cleaning and seperating trans & tc

2 years ago I bought a new NV4500 from AA, it always has had a noise, so AA said they will have a look at it, this is why it made since to gut her.

Goals: Back to orginal dark green. I have new quarter panel patches, and rear sil to tack in. I also have to fix the the dirvers side kick panel, as I already have done to the passenger side.Passenger kick panel

Poser has shipped me rear brake caliper brackets, and I already found cadillac calipers, for rear disk brakes & e-brake.

I need to order a Metal tech family cage this week and possible rock sliders if I get some computer work done this week.

Also need to order new turn lights and side markers from Kurt later this week too. I figure new lenses all the way around will be a nice touch & most of mine are rusted out on the inside.

Not sure if I can fix the drivers side fender. I would also like to run my exhust on the inside frame rail. I am thinking of using some block hugger headers.

ETA- two and a half months of down time.

Edit: Currently 5 months into it, and not done yet. Yikes. Hope to be done before summer.
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Damn, That's a good amount of work for one day. I'll feel happy when I have enough time to flip my bezel.
When you are choosing your Block Huggers, suggest you get the Ultra-Block Huggers, they tuck tighter into side of engine, better clearance from steering drive shaft.
maybe if you offered them with a Ceramic Coating(did not see online if you do) and would take a trade in on a pair of your Cantilever shackles I hate.

I will say the Alum Radiator I purchased from you has been the best thing I have gotten from downey.

Also not super stoked you use 1310s on your long slip yokes, I would prefer if u used yota u-joints.

just my .02 cents.
Have you got a body guy lined up? I am only asking cuz I need some body work as well and was checking.
just made myself pretty sad.

Last night I got one rear bracket & caliper on. Everything fits nice. Been stewing in my head about running the e-brake lines.

Decided to do more mud searching and found all the threads about how the caddy e-brake sucks. Boooooo. And I am not interested a inline ball valve for an ebrake.

Jim at AA menetioned they had a provision for an e-brake on the HD, and I found a picture of it, but means more money.

So not enough research = Wasted day at junkyard getting caddy calipers. & wasted money buying them . Boooo.

Will be talking to AA about what they have.
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Went ahead and prodged on. After my tourch ran out of oxigenizer i had to sawzaw the last backing plate off, but all good.

I have to say the rear disk brake conversion is way satasifying feeling and much easier then the front.

Spent the rest of the day helping my brother with his bronco build. He is getting a double flaring tool, this or next week, so I will run my lines then.

Any one need any drum brake parts? Yours for the shipping. The springs are good, and the slave cylinders look good. Drums seem ok too.

I am not sure what would of happened if I had rolled.

1. My stock roll bar would of crunched.
2. It would of poped threw the wheel wells.


The body is less then show condition. So I cut out the
offending area above to this.

To keep my patch even, I then welded in a strip on the lip.

Then to Top piece.

The other side was worse so I cut out more.

Above you can see my replacement piece I bent up, ready for
Here is it welded in.

I should be able to tackle the drivers side kick panel on friday, and hope it comes out as good as the passengers side I did
last year. Below are pictures from that.


Great! Keep up the good work. Oh,, and lose the ugly exhaust while your in there....
Been picking away at this thing. The Driver's side rocker panel had some serious rust. The Back Center Brace was hosed, along with where it attached, and a couple other sections on the inside.

So I made a new panel, and insides as was needed Then stapled it back together, after dealing with the inside sections and rust. Also made a new back center brace for it.


I then cut the last bit of the back panel, were it was also rust kindom.

Here's the old piece, and the new one, along with the back brace.


Kinda seemed funny to do this part, because most of it gets covered up by the wheel flare, but wtf.

More pictures of of my staples.

My piece was a little short on the top, but I was able span the gap.

Hard to see but I have the hole drilled for the body bolt on the bottomish.

I decided I will grind down my staples after I get done with this.

I have a pair of quarter Panel Patches, that if I use wisely, will be enough to replace all the rust parts. And a real sill. I am sure after I cut this up, I will be patching the rear support too.

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