Wanted FJ40 in / around Pittsburgh

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United States
Hi All,

Long time lurker looking to make the plunge and get my first FJ40. More concerned with mechanical + frame condition than anything else. Looking to make it my around town cruising vehicle and address issues as they come up.

Willing to pay for condition and even more so if someone has a BJ40 hidden away. Happy to work on shipping but if anyone has anything within a few hundred miles of Pittsburgh, that would be great.

Also, have a beat up but awesome 1989 Toyota Pickup I could thrown in a a small partial trade if anyone is looking for a workhorse.

Prob selling my 1980 fj40. Runs great. Just lost turn signals though. I bought a 74 bmw 2002 and one old car is enough. Ive had it twelve years it has never let me down. Body rust is not good. Believe frame is super solid. Interior is nice. Hood, Hardtop and all four doors nice. I am looking for $4k with hardtop and doors(currently off vehicle) or $3.5k without. Good luck either way.
I'm kind of far but I have a BJ40 for sale. Frame has no rust, engine runs great Transfercase rebuilt, tranny shifts beautifully. I'm in BC.

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